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Our fleet is maintained to the highest standards and regularly renewed to ensure that our Plant Hire equipment arrives with you ready to work. Alongside this, our investment programme makes sure our machines have the best available technology and lowest environmental footprint.

Hawkes Plant Hire

Hawkes Plant Hire for large 40 tonne Excavators to remote controlled rollers

Our specialist hire equipment consists of an impressive range of machinery, crushers, screeners and dumpers. Our range of excavators are available with many various attachments from breakers and pulverisers to riddle buckets.


Our crusher is fully mobile on site which helps improves efficiency and reduce labour costs through double handling. After removing any non crushable items from the rubble ie plastics, then simply load the hopper of the crusher with demolition debris and watch the crusher produce usable crushed concrete 6F2. This is then ready for using on site as road base or is ready for off site disposal.

Hawkes provide an skilled operator as part of the daily hire.

Hawkes Crusher
Hawkes Screener


The Powerscreen® Warrior 1400X is a flexible screening machine, aimed at operators who require a high performing, heavy duty, versatile machine that remains easy to transport. It offers improved performance, lower operating costs, and easier serviceability while building on the reliable foundation of our class-leading Warrior 1400 scalper.

It is designed with economy in mind, with reduced fuel consumption being achieved through a lower engine running speed of 1800rpm and enhanced hydraulics. A variety of media solutions mean that the Warrior 1400X is extremely efficient in scalping, screening and recycling applications and it can process mixed demolition waste including greenwaste, soil, concrete, wood and asphalt.


Hawkes Group offer an impressive range of excavators from mini diggers to massive 40 tonne 360's.

Check out our huge range of attachments to help get the job done from breakers to riddle buckets.

Hawkes Excavators
Hawkes Dumpers


Choose from a great selection of Hawkes Dumpers. We offer narrow access 1 tonne dumpers to huge 30 tonne dump trucks.

Check out our range today.



No job is too big or too small as Hawkes Group offer narrow 80mm rollers which are ideal for paths and narrow access sit entrances to large 135mm double Bomag rollers.

We also offer specialist remote control rollers which are used for rolling in deep excavations and other hazardous areas.

Hawkes Roller


We are able to offer a huge range of attachments for our excavator. 
These include, pallet forks, extenders, breakers, hydraulic pulveriser, hydraulic rotating selector grab, pallet forks, riddle buckets and more.
Can’t see what you need? Give us a call

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