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Hawkes make our staff and our staff make Hawkes

If your looking for a career and not just a job then take a look at how we work as a team. This team environment is essential with Hawkes as everything we do is built around the client. 

Hawkes Group is proud to be an equal opportunities employer.

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Join Hawkes Group today to kick start your career in the groundworking, civil engineering, management and driving industry. Here are some of the great reasons to join Hawkes Group.

Ongoing Training for professional development and site safety

Performance related bonus scheme for groundworkers

Career Progression

Friendly workplace environment

Annual Pay Review

What we are looking for

At Hawkes we are looking for the best and brightest people, from a wide range of backgrounds, to bring fresh
thinking to our sector leading teams.
Are you enthusiastic about finding solutions to get a job done for the benefit of customers and communities? Are you good at taking on board others’ views and working as part of a team, to achieve more? And, are you prepared to embrace new ways of doing things, with innovation and technology?


As part of ongoing commitment to our team we look to training opportunities to improve our team


If you have recently graduated from college or university then come and talk to Hawkes to take the first step in your career.


Learning in parrallel is one of the best and most rewarding ways to learn a trade. 


Hawkes wants the best people working for the company and as such is committed to equal opportunities.