HAWKES Earthworks

Earth moving and groundwork is at the core of what we do.

Our team of experienced machine operators and ground workers can complete any type of earthwork job from laying simple pipes and drains to deep excavations.


Contact our team of estimators today for a competitive price.

Footings to Footpaths, Roads and  Sewers

Hawkes Group specialise in groundworks for large residential developments, care homes and government buildings

A huge selection of heavy plant

to get the job done

A huge choice of Hawkes owned excavators, tippers, dumpers and rollers are available on hand for our expert

on-site teams to get the job done. We use the latest Hyundai and Kybota excavators, Thwaites Dumpers and Bomag Rolling equipment along with a fleet of Scania Road Sweepers and Tippers. 

With Hawkes, precision comes as standard

Check it twice, dig it once. Our skilled team employ the very latest on site measuring

instruments for our machine operators and groundworking crews.


Trenches and retaining walls to site scrapes

Our  in house expertise, plant and machinery along with our experienced operators can cope with any Earthmoving projects.

If you need a contactor for trenches, retaining walls, site clearance, Topsoil stripping, cut and fill, overburden removal, mineral extraction, Lake construction, flood defences, Landfill or land remediation and reclamation then talk to Hawkes estimator team today.

Sensitive to the environment

We dont just dig, holes, we continually check for animal disturbance, archaeological remains and for modern day service pipes. Our expert machine operators are sensitive to the needs of the environment to ensure Hawkes is a responsible earthworks provider.

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Some recent examples of our work