HAWKES Soil Stabilisation

Minimise landfil and reduce off site transport costs

Many sites are almost impossible to build upon due to being waterlogged or contaminated. Other large outdoor recreational areas are built on clay subsoils which means rock hard ground in summer and a mud pit in winter.

Hawkes Group have the teams and machines to lift and improve soil before reimporting. These stabilisation methods can make what was previously unusable land and can convert into valuable building sites.  

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Hawkes Group can improve poor soil on your land and convert to an asset that is ready to build on.

Hawkes Group is experienced in scraping, recycling, importing and removing soil. Some of the examples that our teams specialise in improving soil are:

Sports and recreational fields

Waterlogged or winter working platforms
Brownfield sites

Piling mats
Embankment stability
Car Parks, paths and road construction

Foundations for floor slabs
Large Civil and Government projects

Hawkes Truck and Digger.jpg

Screening of soil is only part of what we do

Hawkes Group own our own specialist machinery needed with the soil improvement and stabilisation process. Importing of improved soil and recycling of on site material is possible through our McCloskey

soil screeners


Soil screening machine to help with soil improvement