HAWKES Plant Hire


Hawkes Plant Hire for large 40 tonne Excavators to remote controlled rollers

Our specialist hire equipment consists of an impressive range of machinery, crushers, screeners and dumpers. Our range of excavators are available with many various attachments from breakers and pulverisers to riddle buckets.


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Hawkes is one of the few companies in the midlands to own a mobile crusher to recycle brick and block debris which can recycle material into crushed concrete.


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Why export excavated soil and re import sub soil when you can screen and recycle material on site. Hawkes screeners not only save transport costs but also reduce landfill which is great for the environment.

Hawkes Group offer an impressive range of excavators from mini diggers to massive 40 tonne 360's.

Check out our huge range of attachments to help get the job done from breakers to riddle buckets.

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Choose from a great selection of Hawkes Dumpers. We offer narrow access 1 tonne dumpers to huge 30 tonne dump trucks.

Check out our range today.

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No job is too big or too small as Hawkes Group offer narrow 80mm rollers which are ideal for paths and narrow access sit entrances to large 135mm double Bomag rollers.

We also offer specialist remote control rollers which are used for rolling in deep excavations and other hazardous areas.


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Excavator Attachments

Check out Hawkes Group great choice of excavator accessories to help get the job done. 

For those involved in demolition we have breakers, pulverisers, grapple buckets. For those who are looking to complete earthworks, we offer riddle buckets alongside a selection of claw buckets.

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Other Site Plant

For those who require other on site equipment, Hawkes offer fuel bowsers to help keep your machines working for longer.

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