HAWKES On Site Recycling

Save disposal costs by recycling brick and demolition debris

Crushed concrete is ideal for road base and infill saving you off site transport costs. The reduction in off site transportation is possible as crushed concrete Hiring a Hawkes crusher service come complete with Hawkes operator. Crushers are hired by the day.

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Cut down on landfill with

on site recycling 


Save the environment with huge reductions in off site transportation and landfill

Convert Brick Rubble to Crushed Concrete

Save off site transportation costs by converting demolition rubble to usable 6F2 crushed concrete. 6F2 is a cheaper alternative to roadbase material and is ideal for a sub base layer for roads, paths and any hard standing.

Convert demolition rubble


to crushed concrete 6F2

Hawkes 6F2.jpg

How does it work?

Simply Scoop, Crush and Dispose

Our crusher is fully mobile on site which helps improves efficiency and reduce labour costs through double handling. After removing any non crushable items from the rubble ie plastics, then simply load the hopper of the crusher with demolition debris and watch the crusher produce usable crushed concrete 6F2. This is then ready for using on site as road base or is ready for off site disposal.

Hawkes provide an skilled operator as part of the daily hire.


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