HAWKES Hazardous Waste

We scrape, sweep, dig and environmentally dispose of hazardous material.

Hawkes Group are experienced in many types of hazardous waste removal prior to site remediation. Our team can scrape, dig and handball hazardous waste off site using our own fleet of tippers.



Fuel Station decommissioning to private tank removal. Contact Hawkes for a free estimate of costs.



Our team of trained ground workers can remove hazardous products such as syringes and redundant toilets.


Once the ground has been contaminated then the only way to remedy is to scrape and remove.

Some call Hawkes the 5th emergency service

Hawkes services are available at short notice to clear highway collision debris including oil, petrol, broken glass and other road debris. 

Our team will professionally sweep and dispose of all hazardous material.

Speak to one of our team today to arrange for an emergency sweep.

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