HAWKES Asbestos Handling

Safe, efficient asbestos removal and disposal

Our expert team use the latest methods and asbestos protection from initial removal and preparation for transport to disposal. Discover more about Hawkes experience in all aspects of asbestos handling. 



We work with independent licensed Asbestos Assessors to confirm that Asbestos has been safely and completely removed from your premises.



Hawkes Asbestos Removal works for you and your local environment. Our friendly professionals are just one phone call away.



Our team will arrange for on site sealed asbestos skips and disposal to approved waste sites.


Am I at risk?

At Hawkes Group we believe in delivering our clients a quality service and that means providing them with important information.

Asbestos has been used widely in the UK in commerical and some residential applications. Call our team today for advice on identifying if your premises contains asbestos or cement sheeting.

The process and preparation


Working out what needs to be removed and when is the first major step. Do you need testing? Hawkes asbestos removal is happy to arrange this for you. We perform asbestos inspections and testing in conjunction with approved specialists


Has your property been tested and now you need removal? No problem Call us for a free quote on 01536 428500 and our team of estimators and site managers will be happy to help.

Hawkes Group will answer your questions. As professionals, our customer service providers are happy to share our expertise.

Preparation is the key to a smooth process. At Hawkes Group Asbestos Removal, we value communication and will discuss issues such as access to your premises, power and water availability and so on to safeguard high standards.

After all, we understand that your property is unique.


A date and plan of action is set after testing.

Professional removalists understand the important of organisation and their surroundings.

Before work commences, neighbours are formally informed of what’s going to happen in writing. This gives them time to close their doors and windows before the workers enter a property.


The preparation process is crucial for everyone’s wellbeing. For example, an area is isolated, from other rooms and/or buildings. A professional understands how to seal internal doors, and the importance of leaving external doors and windows open in order to promote ventilation. He or she will also be equipped with the right safety gear and modern work tools.

After the residence is prepared, our workers are focused on sensitively removing dangerous asbestos materials.

In some cases, however, it’s safer and more economical to leave and treat existing asbestos products through our

asbestos encapsulation service.

Again, every job is unique.

From outdoors to indoors, a qualified worker has both the short and long-term health of their clients in mind. This is why he or she will cover all relevant floors with heavy-duty plastic sheeting. It is also why residents/visitors and even pets are not present during this process.

Call our team of estimators today to find out how we can remove asbestos from your site >